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The Companion Experience

Seeking an elegant female friend you can unwind with? I delight in meeting new people, and am a natural conversationalist allowing you to feel perfectly at ease in my company. Warm, intelligent and I love to laugh. I can be your flirtatious friend, clandestine confidante or for those seeking to re-enter the dating world after a period of absence, offer you my unbiased guidance or tuition. At my upscale residence or your hotel bar. This experience allows you the perfect opportunity to relax, let go and have fun.


1 hour $300 // 90 minutes $400 // 2 hours $500

The Girlfriend Experience


Envisage a softly lit space. My body enwrapped in a silk dress, lace lingerie and black Louboutin heels. I greet you with a lingering kiss and a smile and coquettishly welcome you into my home. From here, our time develops based on intuition and mutual understanding. Whether we chat briefly, laugh deeply or swiftly leave our inhibitions behind as we make our way to my bedroom is up to you. I truly want your time to be as fantastic as possible so as to have you leave feeling lighter, brighter and thoroughly sexually satisfied.

1 hour $400 // 90 mins $600// 2 hours $800

Lunch Date $700

Dinner Date $1200

Overnight (14 hours, minimum of 6 hours sleep) $2500

The Naughtier Experience


Perhaps you’re looking to step outside the parameters of your sexual repertoire. Sate your appetite with something you’ve fantasied about frequently but never dared to explore. Without prejudice or judgement in an environment that is completely safe and discrete, I offer a number of sins at my discretion so by all means let’s turn up the heat. For whichever debaucherous desire you had in mind please feel free to enquire within. Time is the only commodity we can’t accrue more of so why not live by “What now?” rather than “What if”.


1 hour $600 // 90 mins $800 // 2 hours $1000


Lunch Date $900

Dinner Date $1400

Overnight (14 hours, minimum of 6 hours sleep) $2500

Ménage à Trois

Move over old-fashioned romance. A little kink goes a long way! There's little that impresses me more than a couple who have enough trust in one and other that they feel completely at ease with exploring themselves sexually in my company. In short - I love seeing couples and am naturally bi-sexual. To ensure the best possible experience we'll discuss your preferences in advance of our date for an experience that is seductive, sensuous and utterly luxurious.


1 hour $800 // 90 mins $1000 // 2 hours $1200


The Bespoke Experience

For a moment, if you can, conjure up the most erotic experience your mind allows you to. Now, imagine that coming to life with my very careful and utmost attention to detail. Strictly by invitation only (we will need to have met at least once), this service allows you access to the naughtiest range of sins not offered as part of my other experiences. Carefully designed to take into consideration all your needs and requirements. Within reason, there is almost nothing that cannot be part of this experience


Same Day Availability