Virtually Yours

Can’t meet? Don’t let that stop us from connecting with one another. From a distance, we can be closer than ever.

I base all of my interactions on communication and building trust between us. Offering virtual experiences through text, phone, and video gives me the flexibility to be creative and provide an intimate experience for you.

Virtual interactions have all the benefits of an in-person meeting: conversation, companionship, intimacy, sexual pleasure and emotional support. My virtual experiences offer unprecedented access to me. If you’ve been watching me online and wondering what it would be like to meet in person, this is your chance to get to know me inside and out. I’m an intensely private person, but in my virtual experiences I open up – for your eyes and ears only.

The Companion Experience

A moment of kindness in the chaos.

Having someone to reach out to – for a friendly chat or moment of solace – can be refreshing. The Companion Experience means you’ll never spend another Friday night alone.

I am a woman with unique life experience, from my professional debauchery to my personal proficiency in the dating scene. I have an exceptional ability to provide unbiased advice on all matters from building your confidence in the bedroom to overcoming obstacles in landing a date.

Virtual companionship gives you a taste of an authentic relationship filled with truth, genuine understanding, and respect. Our conversations can focus on real-life opinions, observations and experiences rather than just going through the motions of a sexual experience and hanging up the phone. I am incredibly kind, supportive and open-minded and genuinely love getting to know your stories and who you are (or who you want to be). There’s nothing quite like having the undivided attention of another in a world that is constantly distracted by notifications.

Here there are no demanding expectations beyond what you choose to bring to the experience. The stress of real life doesn’t and shouldn’t seep into your virtual world of happiness, companionship and intimacy.

Let my coy wit and conversational charm brighten your day. You deserve it.

Perfect if: you are seeking company and companionship; you want to explore feelings, problems and emotions; you desire meaningful connection without the day-to-day responsibility of a real-life relationship.

The Girlfriend Experience

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: intelligent, flirty banter is in my view, the best prelude to any mind-blowing sexual experience. A chat over text, phone or video is the perfect way to get acquainted for a future date and break the ice.

Writing or speaking on the phone can be romantic and erotic, and when we finally do meet in person, there will be no of the initial nervousness or shyness between us. Over time, this relationship can grow into a genuine connection with real attraction and provide you with a gratifying sexual and emotional experience. Building a relationship virtually is guaranteed to lead to an explosive and memorable in-person encounter. Don’t they say distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Perfect if: you wish to build rapport before booking an in-person date; you are too busy, too far away or too consumed with the stresses of life to commit to an in-person meeting; you are uncomfortable with physical aspects of an in-person meeting, but still wanting emotional and intimate connection.

The Naughtier Experience

Without the limitations of inhibition, we can indulge our deepest desires.

I am told my voice is mesmerising, with the power to bring the most composed male to climax within minutes. I have a strong sense of playfulness, imagination and commitment to our sensual fun. It’s not uncommon for me to be dressed to the nines in designer lingerie and sky-high Louboutins, walking around my apartment fully immersed in a virtual role-play. I never fake it – I submerge myself in every intimate detail of our experience.

The Naughtier Experience is a no-strings-attached way to get off without stepping out of your comfort zone (or your office).

Perfect if: you are seeking a little spice of the side of the mundanity of daily life; you have limited time, but still desire a gratifying sexual experience.

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