May 2020 I Issue No. 4

I wanted to express my uttermost thanks to those of you subscribing to view my content, requesting custom imagery, videos and pre-booking both virtual and in-person dates in the pre and post COVID-19 era.

As with anything relating to Alyssa, I have always set the bar high and this I hope to maintain. It’s been a steep learning curve, however I'm genuinely happy with my subscription sites and virtual services and look forward to continuing these in future.

For my updated virtual offerings, please feel free to navigate to my site. For my FIRST, ever natural breasts video, feel free to head to my Only Fans or AVN Stars! Here, you will find over 70 uncensored photos and video, not published anywhere else on the internet.

I have updated my site with my latest blog entry, 'Inside with Alyssa' where you'll find exactly what I'm doing with my time and how I'm still continuing to enjoy myself in the best, and baddest way possible.

With travel permissible, my tour to Canberra is confirmed (my evenings are near booked out!). As Alan Joyce recently announced that Qantas domestic flights will be suspended until late June, it is with great sadness that I must put my visit to Sydney on hold.

I have updated my site with my travel plans for 2020. I rarely cancel my tours once they're up however in these uncertain times, once each destination is 100% confirmed, the dates will be highlighted to indicate this.

Hello, Brisbane!

While I have not entertained in person in a while, I have an anticipated return date of May 12! My availability here will be very limited, at that, only available to a select few who have also been self-isolating.

I take my health and that of my clients very seriously, and my decision to make myself available is based on the data provided via the following link which puts our current case numbers of Covid in QLD at 20! -

To be the first to secure my time, please feel free to email me. It should be noted, I do not financially need to resume meeting. My drive is purely hedonistic and I will be selective to ensure I keep myself and my clients safe.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and well and I look forward to the possibility of connecting in future.

Until next month,

Alyssa xo

*My subscribers will note, this newsletter has been published minus the special offer made available to them. Should you wish to be included in this for my next issue, subscribe to my site before June 1!*


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