March 2020 I Issue No. 2

Some of you may have noticed I recently pulled the pin on some travel for April - May. In light of the outbreak of novel coronavirus, I am putting on hold all international travel at this time. I was most looking forward to my trip to Hong Kong, and upon further advice from the Australian Government, I look forward to rescheduling my visit; however, maintaining the health of myself and my clients means the world to me.

Should you wish to enjoy a date together and as part of this, ask that we don't kiss, or set any other guidelines to make you feel more at ease, I am completely fine with this. I will be updating the conditions of my dates so that I will be unable to meet if you are ill. To accommodate this, I will be adjusting my cancellation policy over the next few days to allow for more flexibility so that you can reschedule if you are ill without penalty. Lastly, I will continue to monitor the advice given by the WHO and QLD Health.

Bushfire Appeal

I couldn't be more proud to have raised $1460 this February, which has been donated across organisations, NSW Farmers Natural Disaster Relief Fund, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, and Mallacoota Fires Support Fund. A special thanks to those clients who matched my donation. I sat across the table recently from a member of the RFS who described putting out a fire the height of a four-story building as par for the course! While I am sure you already know this, I want you to know from me how much this nation appreciates your courage. I hope we can all invest in those communities struggling, not only from the impact of the fires but also the loss of tourism. While I won't be traveling much, I will be pledging to visit a fire effected town with my empty esky! Should you wish to contribute, you can find more about this via the site,

Upcoming Travel Dates

While international travel is out, travel within Australia is in! My upcoming travel dates, as well as a few tentative ones, can now be found on my website. My rates have always been competitive, and my travel typically books out in advance with little to no availability remaining on arrival. When visiting any city, I always aim to enjoy a large leisure component and much appreciate those that can book in advance. Please note that for any future travel, once my availability is 50% spoken for, my touring rates on Scarlet Blue will each show an increase of $100. This allows me to continue to cover my travel costs as well as indulge those that indulge me by booking ahead.

See My Breasts!

Lastly! As social media and advertising laws restrict the more titillating imagery I'm able to post of myself online, I have recently signed up to AVN Stars! Here, I'm hoping to post the 1000 odd smut images I have. Subscribe for $10 for 30 days. This is 33 cents per image! These are uncensored photographs, not published anywhere else on the internet. See,

If you have any ideas for how I might be able to make this naughtier space on the web more meaningful to you, I would love to hear them.

Until next month,

Alyssa xo

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