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Hearts on fire

Updated: Jan 21

My earliest childhood memories are of the South Coast of NSW. Stretches of the purest white sand that seemed to go on forever, rolling surf and dense bushland teeming with birds and wildlife. I’ve traveled the Amalfi coastline, counted islands in the Andaman sea, beach hopped in Portugal, Croatia, and the East Coast of the USA, and still, this place is truly God's country.

While tonight brings a professional obligation, my heart and mind will be with the countless people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and the brave firefighters helping to save them. Currently, there are people camped out on the beach for lack of anywhere else to go, and this is one fire of hundreds burning nationwide.

While I hope 2020 brings you all the love you desire and deserve, please spare a thought for these families as you celebrate the new year tonight. The nation we all love is burning however by standing together and supporting one and other, financially and emotionally, via our workplaces, and in our homes, I genuinely believe we can drive positive change to bring our country Down Under back from the brink 🇦🇺